CONTROALL is amplifying its presence in the national territory since 2001, in order to fill the demands of the market, being strongly present in the State of S. Paulo, specially in the regions of São Paulo city, Campinas city and Sorocaba city.

THE STATE OF S. PAULO - The numbers of the richest of Brazil
- US$ 302 Billions of GDP = 40,62% of Brazil's GDP.
- 248.808,8 squared Km of area = 2,91% of Brazil's total area;
- 645 towns = the biggest industrial area of Brazil
- 35.582.772 inhabitants = more than 22% of Brazil's population

Being known and respected for working with well-known transcontinental partners in the supply of their products for installation and industrial and building automation, it commercialises and distributes components and systems, having the correct solutions to attend the necessities of increasing productivity, security and reliance, by optimising processes and improving income resources for all clients.