CONTROALL commercialises and distributes components and systems, having the right solutions to attend the necessities of increasing productivity, reliance and security, by optimising processes and improving incoming resources to all clients. For CONTROALL believes in the union of efforts in order to generate quality, it has associated to well-known transcontinental partners in the supply of their products for installation and industrial and building automation. These partners were selected because of the excellency of their products; all of them have the main international certifications and are based on the UL, CSA, CD, VDE, etc. regulations.


Automation Systems
  • I/O Remote for field industrial networks Profibus, Interbus, ASI, DeviceNet, CAN, among others
  • I/O Remote with protection IP20, IP40, IP65 and IP67
  • Cables for field networks
  • Gateways between the main field networks

Power Supply
  • 1-phase and 3-phase
  • Filtered, Regulated and with Switch
  • Models with adjustments for voltage output and configuration for automatic reconnection or removal in the event of a short-fuse
  • Models (PipPower) w/ alarm against over load and over current and
  • No Break function
  • DC/DC Converters

Interfaces and Converters Line
  • Interface Modules for PLC and CNC, active and passive
  • Relays Fittings
  • Optocopler Modules (solid state relay) and timers
  • Converters:
    • Voltage/current, current/voltage and PT100/voltage and current
    • A/C, D/C
    • Analogic Voltage for Frequency and of Frequency for Voltage or current
  • Phase Detector
  • Level Controller
  • Current and voltage Monitor

Product Line for Electrical Installation
  • Pre-mounted connectors and cables for actuators and sensors
  • Signal Distributors
  • Inductive and Capacitive Sensors
  • Flexible Conduits and Terminations
  • Flexible Conduits and Two-parts Terminations
  • Plastic and Metallic Cables IP68 Press
  • Two-parts Cable Press
  • Cable Holders Belts
  • Flexible Cables for Command and Control, in PVC or PUR, with or without mesh
  • Special Cables
  • Automatic and Manual Identification Systems

Panel Accessories
  • Rail plugs and panel fronts, plastic and metallic, according to Schuko (German) standards and Nema (American)
  • Leds for panel front
  • Potentiometers
  • Eurocard Holders
  • Assemblage Modules with diodes, Varistors or free
  • Identification Systems
  • Passage Fittings

Solution for electromagnetic sounds
  • 1-Phase and 3-phase Line Filters
  • Contactors, valves and engine suppressors
  • Cable press systems with ground wire
  • 2-phase cables press with ground wire
  • Cables with mesh
  • Plastic flexible conduits with metallic lining for electromagnetic isolation